Engaged, Diverse and Inclusive Workshop

Engaged, Diverse and Inclusive:
Key ingredients for success in a high performance organization.

If you are committed to enhancing the performance of your organization and want to increase your ability to build a diverse and inclusive team ...

Insights Learning and Development specializes in working with organizations that are great and getting better. This one-day session will give you tools and techniques to strengthen your ability to engage everyone in the team. You will better understand communication preferences, and learn how to appreciate uniqueness and leverage the talents of the entire team.

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 (Adapted from Gardenschwartz & Rowe)

In this workshop we will focus on 5 steps to building an engaged, diverse and inclusive workplace:

1. Awareness

When people can readily identify their strengths, and the value they bring to their organization, and likewise recognize their weaknesses, they can truly ‘bring their whole self to work”.

2. Understanding

Our unique view is formed by our own individual perceptions and beliefs. If you can understand where these perceptions and beliefs come from, you can then begin to understand why other people see things differently. This is where we can begin to appreciate others and improve our relationships with them.

3. Adapting and Connecting

Adaption will be different for each situation and person, ranging from varying communication styles and problem solving strategies. As long as adaptation does not conflict with an individuals values or beliefs, it will help to facilitate growth, team bonding, and add substantial value to the organization.

4. Valuing

When differences are celebrated, people feel more comfortable being themselves and bringing forth ideas that may be new or different. Realizing they are valued for their contribution provides a great opportunity for increased performance; the effort and energy that is often channeled into trying to fit in can be focused on actions and activities where they shine the most.

5. Leveraging Diversity

Organizations that have a diverse workforce and inclusive culture are known to attract and retain talent, and are more innovative.



To register, email us at info@insightsatlantic.com