Insights Team Effectiveness Qualification

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Insights Team Effectiveness Qualification

For Accredited Practitioners who want to take Discovery to a deeper level with their teams, organizations or consulting practice. 

In every team events occur which have a dramatic effect on team motivation and performance – we call these Defining Moments. Insights Team Effectiveness is a simple and accessible framework that allows you to explore your team's Defining Moments, both positive and negative.

Based on the Insights Discovery colour energy model, Insights Team Effectiveness enables you to identify the most pressing and important issues for your team’s development. We can help you diagnose problems and opportunities, prevent failure and dramatically increase your team’s chances of success.

Insights Team Effectiveness can help a team make a breakthrough by moving beyond an issue that it is struggling with, whether it’s a change of leader, high workloads or simply a lack of ideas. Your team will be able to confront problems in a positive, practical and engaging way. Click here for more details.

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