Insights Discovery Accreditation Renewal - Fall 2018

Posted by Heather Tulloch on

The Insights Discovery Accreditation Renewal Program is for accredited Discovery Practitioners to deepen their knowledge of the Discovery model, learn new teaching methods and expand their portfolio of Discovery learning solutions.

What you will learn:

The ID Renewal program will deepen and increase your knowledge of how to use the Discovery model to address learning and business challenges faced in your own organization.

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The format is as follows:

  • Deepen your knowledge to better understand the theory and technical details of the Insights Discovery model.
  • Preparing to Deliver with Insights Discovery refresh and update the best practice agenda and help you unlock the magic in an Insights Discovery workshop.
  • Delivering Insights Discovery you'll be on your feet, facilitating and coaching using Insights Discovery.
  • Applying Insights Discovery. you'll look at the practical ways in which you can use Insights Discovery to address the business challenges in your organization and how you can keep the magic of it alive for the individuals and teams you work with.

Our flagship program, the Insights Discovery Accreditation is a learning experience, whereby participants engage with others and the well-designed and thoroughly researched content that prepares them to be experts in the delivery of the Discovery suite of programs: Beginning the Journey, Discovering Team Effectiveness, Discovering Leadership Effectiveness and Discovering Sales Effectiveness. Working with Insights Discovery can help you to address your business challenges, whether helping people to become more effective communicators, developing leadership skills, boosting the skills of your sales force or transforming your organizational culture.

Through the accreditation renewal you will be part of our Global Community of Practitioners, a network of inspirational people from around the world who partner with us in using Insights Discovery to create transformational solutions in the workplace.

You will receive an updated Insights Discovery Certificate, valid for 2 years.