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Look what happens when two strangers meet!  Proving it really is all about the journey, Susan and Stella met by chance at one of the first Insights Discovery Accreditations to be offered in North America. It was February 2000. At that time Stella was a trusted advisor and Human Resources Consultant engaged in supporting a major organizational transformation in the Financial Services sector, and Susan, was a University Professor, and sought-after Facilitator and Family Therapist- two career paths that would normally never cross!

That is the magic of Insights - the partnership began and neither Stella nor Susan had any idea where this path might lead. Drawn together by the powerful experience with Andi Lothian and Insights Discovery, they shared a belief that people and organizations could be positively transformed, and now they were seeing the potential of the power of Discovery as an instrument in service of their shared passion.

Susan and Stella have come a long way from those early days: they have grown to deeply appreciate the gifts of the other, and have attracted a small but mighty team of like-minded Souls. Today, this team’s reach is world-wide, and is making a measurable difference in organizations in sectors as diverse as financial services, healthcare, chemical companies and Technology Start-Ups. Combining the power of the Insights Discovery System with their unique approach has impacted thousands of lives – and companies of every size – across the globe.

Insights Atlantic 2001-2013

Over the past 12 years, Insights Learning and Development (Atlantic) has built a solid reputation by responding to clients’ identified needs and delivering customized solutions to business challenges in companies of every size and sector of the economy.  

Today, what we love to do is talk about you! We collaborate with organizations like yours at every stage of development – from those who were careening towards imminent crisis to those who are advancing from good to great, in the words of Jim Collins.  We consider our best resources to be our ears within the context of our depth of experience- creating an emergent conversation, which allows us to create the unique solution to your unique situation.

Many of our clients have invested in internally accredited practitioners who deliver Insights Discovery solutions to teams and individuals throughout their organization. Our business also supports a network of Licensed Practitioner consulting practices and individuals who integrate Insights Discovery into their areas of specialization.  We are proud of this community of talented independent consultants in the Atlantic region.