Susan Nind, Partner, Director - Strategic Solutions


As co-founder and co-owner of Insights Learning and Development in Atlantic Canada, I prefer to get up-close and personal with leaders, collaborating to address real-time challenges with unique and customized solutions, bringing out the best in people at all levels. I am optimistic, and apply my intuitive gift to see the interconnectivity among seemingly disparate parts of a business issue. I love challenges, initiating new ideas while pursuing measurable results. My expertise has been gained through direct collaboration in the area of culture audits, solution designs, partnering in transformation and supporting the people side of organizational change initiatives.

My career path includes several years as a professor (university and community-college level), therapist and Executive coach, as well as researcher, and curriculum and program designer. Today, you will find me primarily engaged in solution design, facilitation, consultation and building relationships as a trusted advisor within the Atlantic region, throughout North America, and further abroad.

I love to travel, and enjoy hiking, biking, skiing and being outdoors whenever I can. I delight in spending family time with my perfect partner, Mike and my daughter and her new husband. 

Insights Discovery Wheel Position

129 (Creative Supporting Helper)