Stella Hollett, Partner - Director Business Development

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My initial attraction to Insights was through my hands-on experience as a client in introducing Discovery from coast to coast in Canada in the Financial Services industry. For the past 13 years, as co-founder of Insights Learning and Development (Atlantic) I have been working with executives throughout North America and abroad.  Specializing in leadership transformation to create organizations that are agile, and responsive to current market demands, I am comfortable in the senior boardroom, engaging in the tough conversations that create great leadership teams. I am known for being forward thinking and eager to deliver in innovative ways, within both large and small teams, meeting objectives for success.  My passion is working through change and transition to enable leaders and their teams to reach higher levels of employee engagement and results.

Prior to Insights Learning and Development, Atlantic I held several senior level human resource positions, gaining direct and extensive experience in strategic planning, organizational, management and leadership acumen.  My professional purpose is to help clients improve the effectiveness of their people and the performance of their organization….  a purpose I take very seriously.

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24 (Motivating Director)