Isabelle Butler, Senior Consultant


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From a young age, my dad, a business owner, and my mom, a schoolteacher, instilled in me a passion for experiencing new things, setting and achieving goals and appreciating the journey along the way. Now that I am supporting people to grow to their full potential, these are the guiding principles I bring to my practice.

My areas of specialization include personal communication, improving team effectiveness, leadership development, customer service, and personal wellness and creating work-life balance. I have been fortunate to work with business owners, managers, provincial and federal government employees, and many not-for-profit organizations across Eastern Canada and the United States.

I joined Insights Learning and Development in 2004 and have contributed to the growth of Insights Atlantic since then. I am a member of the North American faculty group, delivering the 4-day Insights Discovery Accreditation program. People request my services because of my enthusiasm and my ability to present complex subjects in a very down-to-earth, easy-to-understand way. Teams that I have worked with tell me I am a natural facilitator with a professional and approachable style. My goal is always to create a comfortable and productive atmosphere so that everyone feels inspired to be the best they can be.

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28 (Inspiring Helper)