Gary Hollett, Senior Consultant

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As a Senior Consultant with Insights Learning and Development, Atlantic I know the value of putting our clients first. To truly meet clients’ “people development” needs we must spend time “in your shoes”. What are your people issues, opportunities and desires? Before I can recommend a strategic solution I take time to understand and appreciate your current situation and your vision for the future. While at Insights we have many “people development” options to choose from, only if I truly understand your goals am I able to present a customized solution that moves your team and organization in the right direction. My approach with clients is to invest the time up front to learn your requirements and earn your trust before I can design and deliver a customized Insights’ solution that consistently meets or exceeds your expectations.

I have been with Insights Learning and Development, Atlantic for the past eight years where I have worked in partnership with many clients and delivered programs that inspired their participants to a new level of personal effectiveness and motivation. With more than 30 years of people business experience I have an extensive background in leading, coaching and inspiring individuals and teams. Clients who have gone through my programs have consistently rated them as excellent in terms of delivery, value and practical application in the workplace.

Insights Discovery Wheel Position 

46 (Motivating Inspirer)